VR in the History Classroom

Previous experiences of VR compared to VR today

I remember my first experience of virtual reality. It was in the early nineties and Iā€™d have been about twelve. I went to a computer games arcade and they had a virtual reality machine. You had to put a ridiculously heavy helmet on and these weird smelly gloves. It was very exciting. And then the game began. It looked blocky, the movements were glitchy and it was frankly a disappointment. I wish I had spent my pound on another game of Daytona.
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Understanding Political Cartoons

Helping students to understand how political cartoons are constructed and how every part of the image, and the way the parts relate to each other, are important when analysing such cartoons

Students often struggle to identify the main message of a political cartoon, because they do not know how to read the different aspects of them for meaning. This is a strategy to help them analyse every detail and to consider its importance. Continue reading Understanding Political Cartoons