– the easiest chat imaginable

Some things simplify our lives as teachers, others tend to make it more and more complicated. I have yet to meet a teacher who appreciates the latter. So please allow me to share with you an app that is so simple you will have difficulties believing it. Continue reading – the easiest chat imaginable

KAHOOT: students are crazy about it

I hesitated when deciding to write a blog about using Kahoot in history lessons because I couldn‘t really say what this cute little tool had to do with historical thinking. What tipped the balance was the fact that my students absolutely love it – and they are all 16+ and regular users of much more sophisticated apps and games. So I thought “well, at least some critical thinking is required …“ and here goes. Continue reading KAHOOT: students are crazy about it

TED Ed – Lessons worth sharing indeed

The well-worn cliché of feeling like a kid in a candy store happens to be the only thing that came to my mind when I first got acquainted with TED Ed. If anything, this feeling only intensifies when digging deeper. And the best thing is you don’t have to be particularly savvy when it comes to the wonders of IT in education to enjoy the benefits of this amazingly simple tool. Continue reading TED Ed – Lessons worth sharing indeed