Ahoy ye mateys,

‘tis been a while since I’ve written a blog. You probably don’t remember (or maybe some of our devoted readers do), but I’ve been away for half a year, out to sail the Atlantic. While I didn’t pick up any parrots or peglegs, I might have gained a pirate-themed speech impediment concerning the letter ‘r’ (or ‘arrrrrrr’). It was therefore a no-brainer to go with the use of ARrrrrr and QR(rrrr)-codes in history class as the topic for this blog. Continue reading AR & QR

The needle in the haystack

Hello again,

Welcome to the second blog about online tools for teaching and learning history. This blog will take a look at the process that took place before the start of this blog series and might be of particular interest to both teacher trainers and students who are learning to become history educators, as well as teachers. Continue reading The needle in the haystack