VR in the History Classroom

Previous experiences of VR compared to VR today

I remember my first experience of virtual reality. It was in the early nineties and I’d have been about twelve. I went to a computer games arcade and they had a virtual reality machine. You had to put a ridiculously heavy helmet on and these weird smelly gloves. It was very exciting. And then the game began. It looked blocky, the movements were glitchy and it was frankly a disappointment. I wish I had spent my pound on another game of Daytona.
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Plickers for History Teachers: a Great Tool for Assessment

I have to admit in the beginning – I was not searching for Plickers! But now that I have found the app and tried it out with my students it’s going to stay with us. My students and I love it. To explain what Plickers is I will start by using the sentence from the official web page: “Plickers is a powerfully simple tool that lets teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices.” That sums it up! It’s so simple and fast. Just register on plickers.com and download the iOS/Android app on your mobile. Continue reading Plickers for History Teachers: a Great Tool for Assessment

Using @Twitter to promote historical thinking and improve your teaching

For a couple of years now I have been using @Twitter to help my students get better at studying history and to improve my own teaching practice. The use of such an obviously social media may still seem odd to some of you, but I hope I can persuade you that it has a place beyond just adding a bit of spice to history teaching life. Continue reading Using @Twitter to promote historical thinking and improve your teaching

KAHOOT: students are crazy about it

I hesitated when deciding to write a blog about using Kahoot in history lessons because I couldn‘t really say what this cute little tool had to do with historical thinking. What tipped the balance was the fact that my students absolutely love it – and they are all 16+ and regular users of much more sophisticated apps and games. So I thought “well, at least some critical thinking is required …“ and here goes. Continue reading KAHOOT: students are crazy about it

Using ThingLink…

…to help your students analyse historical sources and to revise for exams

Getting started:

It takes 5 minutes to sign up for the free version of www.ThingLink.com and the free version is quite enough to enable you to provide useful demonstrations and activities for your students, or for them to sign up and design their own resources.  Later in this blog I will give some explanation of how to work with the tool.  Firstly, I will provide some activity ideas.  There are various ways that ThingLink can be used and here are three suggestions: Continue reading Using ThingLink…